I Do Stuff Behind The Camera Too

TriCaster Mini
I love my TriCaster. Let me say that upfront. It’s my control room. Without it, no studio. Its power can’t be overestimated.

And the people from TriCaster (NewTek is the actual company) have been very nice to deal with. Unfortunately, my expertise comes from too much dealing.

Today I spent the better part of an hour online with two guys who can help me. We talked mostly about macros.

Macros are created by recording my keystrokes. I then go back and edit, often adding short pauses to allow my machine to keep up. A macro should playback exactly as recorded.


They should. They don’t.

We shared screens so the guys in Texas could watch. They seemed to get it. They want to make it right. I hope they do, please.

Overnight I sent 1.1Gb of files to the home office. They can now replicate my setup exactly.

The only way I can control my show while standing in front of the camera is with macros. They’ve got to do what they’re supposed to do and consistently or they’re not much use.

8 thoughts on “I Do Stuff Behind The Camera Too”

  1. I loved my Amiga 2000 with the Newtek Video Toaster. Until Commadore went bust and it turned slowly to an orphan with no support. I was on the cutting edge of home video studio doing things others only could hope to do. Now, the pc has not only caught up but, surpassed the toaster. But, I still have a place in my heart for the old Newtek. Thanks for sharing your system. I know they will support you.

  2. Geoff…..Macros…Micros, Mussels with wine sauce….WE DON’T CARE…..YOU ARE BACK IN CONN. It doesn’t get ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!!! Is there a way we can tell the “folks” at WTNH (had other thoughts about them but SOMEBODY got SMART!!) that we want you ALL YEAR!! You look great and have energy that we remember, but we know what it takes each day for you to be with us…..THANK YOU !!!!! Skip

  3. All I can say about that is,”you go Geoff! You can bet that it is the best stuff you do.!How do we get the higher ups to get you doing the weather all year except for your vacations! We do not want you sick again!

  4. Geoff…..have a blessed and Happy Birthday today….July 26th….I am SO happy to
    see you back on channel 8, you are amazing!

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