Where Were We?

There were lots of things it could have been, including cancer. Swell. Today I went to the hospital and let Dr. Oman have a look.

It’s been a long time since a blog post, a sign I was obsessed with stuff I can’t share. Alas, done.

So, where were we?

I guess I should fill you in on my health. Fine, for me.

2017 Geoff is different than the earlier model. I was re-plumbed last October. I’m more complex. From time-to-time things change or go wrong.

Sunday I noticed blood where there should be none. Not a lot. A slow leak!

There were lots of things it could have been, including cancer. Swell.

H and I hit the circuit Monday, visiting two practices and giving blood twice, including a 7 vial session. Today I went to the hospital and let Dr. Oman have a look.

A little propofol and I was out. Good idea because they then lowered a camera down my throat as far as it would go.

I came to in a recovery room. A few minutes later Dr. Oman walked in with the news. It’s an ulcer! He even had full color pictures.

Helaine and I high fived. Ulcers can be treated. And, oh yeah, it’s not cancer.

39 thoughts on “Where Were We?”

  1. Thank goodness for small favors….you’ve been looking great…keep it up. Wishing you a very healthy and Happy New Year..5778
    L’Shanah Tovah…may you be inscribed in the Book of Life

  2. God bless you and hold you. I lost my husband (in what felt like out of the blue) eleven days ago to stage four pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver. It was aggressive and so darn fast.

    I’m not sure it has truly hit me yet. We were married nearly 39 years.

    Be my hero Geoff…keep kickin’ it

  3. Geoff

    It’s no coincidence that your good news came right at the beginning of Rosh Hashana. The guy upstairs is certainly looking out for you. We’re all so happy for you & miss watching your forecasts on Channel 8. You always taught us something new about the weather. Stay tough, bubela!

    All the best & Happy New Year!

  4. Geoff so happy it was great news! I know having an ulcer is no fun, but as you said, it is treatable. Wishing and praying for your continued good health.

  5. Yes! So glad it was something as “simple” as an ulcer and not cancer! Ulcers can be treated, but must be taken seriously as they can also come back. Get well soon!

  6. Whew, glad you are on top of things! Appreciated the time you take to inform so many of us that care about you, but only know you from TV. You have a splendid way of sharing that feels inclusive. Thanks for that ( and meeting Harold vicariously). We were so glad to see you on ch 8. Coventry Connecticut wishes you well, keeping you and yours in our prayers!

  7. Hey, it’s about time you posted something! Remember when you hadn’t missed one day?? I can’t believe you’ve never had an ulcer until now!! So glad you’re okay!!!

  8. I’m glad you’re ok. Been wondering where you have been. Haven’t seen you around lately and with the kids back in school, not much time for tv. Miss seeing your smiling face! Happy anniversary to you and your wife! And many more!! Please stay well and take care of your self!!

  9. It was great seeing you on Channel 8. Miss you now that you are no longer broadcasting to us.

    You got screwed twice by them.

    Glad you only have an ulcer which is curable. You look great. I’m surprised you didn’t get one sooner with all you’ve been through.

    Take care of yourself . Be well Helen

  10. Thank God Geoff….if you can say Thank God for an ulcer! It’s all very scary isn’t it.
    We really miss you here in CT…..but, so glad everything turned out well with your health!

  11. THANK GOD Geoff! So THANKFUL, as I am sure you and Helaine are! You have been under so much stress and all the meds could have caused it-whatever the cause it can be treated! Lov the heck out of you and we want you to be WELL! God Bless and ENJOY your life!

  12. Glad to read your post today. I was hoping that the reason we didn’t hear from you after your ch. 8 stint, was that you took your wife on a long, well deserved vacation. Sorry that it was another health scare, but glad to hear it will be mendable. It was such a high, having you on WTNH every evening, 5 days a week. Hopefully, you will do it again, some day. They say Gil came back to work on Monday==the early AM show. Me==unless it is 1 or 2 AM–I’m not up then!
    I was about to e-mail you to see what was up. Happy New Year. Keep on ‘healing’.

  13. Geoff, This is that time when an ulcer is certainly good news and treatable
    compared to the alternatives. Keep on keepin’ on-and know how more
    than happy the Connecticut folk were having you back in our homes
    this summer!! Again no more of that channel in our and so many other
    homes again!! They just don’t care what weather viewers want -you and
    Dr. Mel were the standard to which others should aspire-and no one
    except Gil has even come close. Stay well and would love an update on
    your Dad!!

  14. Well, you probably already know that 75% of America has an ulcer…stay away from coffee, chocolate, spicy foods etc. you can have them once in a while but not regularly….feel better..been watching you on WTNH since day one…..Margo

  15. Relieved to know it is not cancer. Still, the ulcer isn’t great either, but obviously treatable and manageable. Your life changed so dramatically with the pancreatic cancer that I think this will feel like a breeze! BTW, I think you made the right choice all around in turning down Channel 8 – seemed like a slap in the face to me.

  16. Pretty strange when you’re GLAD it’s an ulcer! But, I am glad they found the issue and it is treatable. Miss you on WTNH; they don’t know what they lost.

    As Mr. Spock said: Live long and prosper. L’Shanah Tovah…may you be inscribed in the Book of Life

  17. Hi Geoff, welcome back to your blog! Sorry to hear of the ulcer situation, but like you said it is something that can be managed. Thank god it is not cancer again. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the hurricanes, more on the way. Keep up the good work, your the best!
    Say hello to your family for me including Doppler, so cute!

  18. Hi Jeff
    So happy it’s very treatable!:) was so nice seeing you back on channel 8 this summer! Miss you again already!
    Bunny from Madison

  19. Oh thank God! My heart sank when I read the beginning, and saw you in the pic 🙁 .
    But YAY! HI 5 to you and to Helaine and Doppler too!! Go Goeff, GO!!!
    Continued prayers still coming your way from CT 🙂
    Miss you much, come back so on! CT NEEDS YOU!
    Love from sisters Lynn & Nancy in The Valley, and Barb from Bethany xoxoxo

  20. Glad to hear it was only an ulcer and not cancer. Ulcers can be taken care of but cancer that is something else. We miss you on Channel 8, but there are bigger and better things for you in the weather world. It’s channel 8’s loss. I wish you Health, Wealth and Happiness FOREVER. Please keep us posted on what’s going on with you and of course Doppler and your family.

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