Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright

I was in deep sleep when the phone rang. 6:00 o’clock. It was my dad.

I had lunch with a friend in Laguna Beach yesterday. We walked a lot. Steep inclines. Going down nearly as much effort as going up!

It was nap time when I got home.

I was in deep sleep when the phone rang. 6:00 o’clock. It was my dad.

“Why are you calling now?” I asked. “It’s 3:00 AM there.”

See what I did? I subtracted three hours instead of adding two. And I thought it was 6:00 AM. Dysfunction, thy name is Sleepy Geoff.

My father was upset. “I hate calling when you don’t call first.” He was upset he woke me.


I don’t want him to feel that way. His calls are too important and I get back to sleep very quickly.

I proved that within ninety seconds of hanging up.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”

  1. Hi Geoff,
    I hope everything is OK with your Dad, and you for that matter, and I really wish I could get back to sleep as fast as you.
    By the way, My Mom still thinks you’re the best meteorologist period, she’s absolutley 100% correct, and she misses you and you local Connecticut News Channel 8 daily weather forcast.
    Talk to you soon my friend, in the meantime, Have a Happy and Safe christmas, and a Happy and Healthy 2018 and beyond. If you want talk directly, my cell phone number is 860-593-7964. Take care stay safe.


  2. Geoff,
    Thanks for the video. Laguna Beach is my most favorite site . I wish I could have that scene framed, sound and action and all. The water is so beautiful and clear.
    It is about 2 degrees F back here in CT. We are mostly shivering. I would guess your dad is in the same situation.

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