Connecticut: I Remember Nights Like This

Tuesday night 7:00 pm EST surface analysis. Click the map — it’s immense.

I remember nights like this, staring at my computer screen, hoping the next piece of data would give me confidence. Tonight it won’t. No matter what the computers say at this point it’s too late. No one trusts the output.

It’s not a question of being mostly right. This storm heading toward the Northeast demands forecast perfection. A mile or two misplacement, or degree or two missed forecast, will make the difference between ten inches of snow and zero.

Where the frustration comes in is, it’s not a question of me not working hard enough or missing a sign. Science just isn’t good enough yet.

There will be a storm. It will be an awful day. For folks off the shoreline it will be a day to find a reason to stay inside. Actually, shoreline too. Just awful

Winter is nearly over.

12 thoughts on “Connecticut: I Remember Nights Like This”

  1. Geoff, 90% of the news on ch.8 was the storm. they just kept repeating the same info. We miss you even more.

  2. Agree with previous comment. You were great at giving us the details minus the hype. Unfortunately that’s a lost art nowadays. Stay good, my friend.

  3. Well said……we live in New England…it snows… whining won’t change it so I embrace it. Thanks for your honesty as always.

  4. I miss Connecticut too but comforting to know I can jet there in just over two hours – but – hold it – can’t with weather impeding air travel into Connecticut. SNOW is the cleanser in life – its flakes finely defined uniquely – a testimonial to nature’s grandiose of greater miracles. Now, with Treasure Coast backdrop and temps in 70’s and low humidity plus blue skies and sight of chemical trails in sky left behind by carriers heading in all directions, one wonders What’s It All About Alfie?

  5. Thanks, Geoff. Better to hear the bad news from you than anyone else!

    As long as I have coffee and cable, I am all set. : )

  6. On days like this, I get to work from home. In comfy clothes, a cup of tea, and the radio set to the station I want to listen to. Sometimes, a storm is a good thing. The bad part? Having to get up at 0-dark-30 tomorrow to shovel out the end of the driveway so I can get to the train to go to work. Blech. (Miss you on WTNH – but I do laugh at how I can tell, without hearing anyone speak, just how bad it’s going to be by how far up the sleeves are rolled.)

  7. Thanks for the update Geoff! There was a little snow early this morning, right now at 9:48AM it is just cloudy the rest is suppose to hit later this morning.
    Have a great day:-)

  8. Thanks for the update Geoff! There was a little snow early this morning, right now at 9:48AM it is just cloudy the rest is suppose to hit later this morning.
    Have a great day:-)
    This is not a repeat from me!

  9. Thanks Geoff, another Ct weather forecast from the best mind in the business. Our second storm lacked the devastating winds, bit made up for it with 10″ of heavy wet snow in Middletown. I’m so glad we’re on your mind, as you are in ours
    God bless, and good health to you and your family
    Dave Neto

  10. Thanks Geoff! I just heard from my mom in Southington, she says it’s snowing like crazy there. It hasn’t hit us yet…..but we live a mile from Rhode Island so it takes a while.

  11. Geoffrey -I have lived in Connecticut most of my adult life -through all the snowstorms -hurricanes and various weather you where there on channel 8.When my wife and I had ypung children you talked about metior showers and so that night we woke our children up to see the beautiful of metior showers -it is something they will remember always -and it is because of you my friend.Take care and God bless.Jay.

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