Hurricane Bill – Use The Power Wisely

hurricane-bill-visible.jpgLet me put you in my chair for just a moment.

Hurricane Bill is headed directly toward the US mainland at the moment. That’s scary. Of course forecasting weather is not just extending the current path. There are all sorts of variables taken into account. Bill should begin a sweeping right hand turn paralleling the coast over the next few days.

There is uncertainty so I look at Bill with respect and some trepidation.

I walk a thin line. I don’t want to panic people. I don’t want to lull them into complacency either.

Not only do I have to sell the most likely scenario to the public, I have to sell it to my co-workers. They are constantly on the lookout for good stories. What would cause more interest than a storm heading our way? I can’t let them ‘wishcast’.

Mission accomplished today. We handled a hurricane preparedness story in Stonington with the gravity it deserved without sending people into shock.

I have to remain diligent. We have to use the power wisely.

3 Responses to “Hurricane Bill – Use The Power Wisely”

  1. Jim says:

    I can’t see this hitting us. The incoming cold front is just going to sweep this out to sea.

    Sure we’ll have high surf and enhanced rain from the cold front but that should be it.

  2. Sean says:

    A thank you for that neutrality, Geoff. Wish-casting is a concept that I wish more people would understand. Weather can be exciting- and whether or not you want the bad weather to get close to you, objective science will always prevail.

  3. Foat Wurth Texas says:

    I like your scruples. At my station we have Weather Nazis. (From a true viewer comment)

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