Hot Air Dispute – II

A few days ago I wrote about Adventure Balloons, who had taken our money but hadn’t taken us ballooning. They say my money is non-refundable.

Very frustrating. What can you do? They’re in Nevada and I’m in Connecticut.

I told Adventure I would complain to ‘the authorities’, and I have. Then, earlier today, I posted on a Las Vegas bulletin board.

At last check my entry had been read by 565 others, and that number will grow. Later this weekend I will post comments elsewhere.

I am trying very hard to be honest in what I say. There is no need to exaggerate. This is a dispute over their business practice. It is up to others to decide whether Adventure’s non-refundable ticket policy is fair or not.

Interestingly enough, after my post on the Las Vegas board, the chief pilot for Adventure gave his side of the story. That was followed by a small chorus of disapproval by other readers.

I still think I’ll get my money back. It’s just a question of how long until it happens – and the ball’s not in my court. But even when I get the money back, I suspect it will be a victory without much satisfaction for anyone.

4 thoughts on “Hot Air Dispute – II”

  1. As the family lawyer, reviewing the issue as set forth on their website, their one-sided ability to cancel their perfomance makes the contract rather suspect from the outset. Additionally, there appears to be a failure of consideration in that they gave you nothing for your money. In other words, it appears to be a scam and I doubt that any Nevada Judge would find it enforceable. I would love to litigate this but the dollar amount pervents it.

  2. It mystifies me why a company would want to take such a beating publicly on that bulletin board. The ill will they are generating for themselves isn’t worth $300 or even $3000! Please keep us informed as to your progress. I do think even if Adventure doesn’t refund your money, your credit card company will step in. They are usually pretty good about this kind of thing. Good luck!

  3. Hope it works out for you but how about this as a last resort? See if they would agree to refund your money AFTER the 2 years run out. It must be a consideration that you are so far away and your father is elderly so they can not really expect you to come back again soon. He says you didn’t lose anything yet but after the time runs out you will have. At least at that point you will have not gotten what you paid for. Seems a long way to go but at least you’d eventually get something back.

  4. First of all, let me comment that it’s interesting that the only comments to your balloon dilema on this page are in favor of your so-called plight.As a balloon pilot in the Las Vegas valley, your comments appear to be an ignorant mind expressing it’s self, as a consumer, read your contract prior to signing it.As per Buffy of Adventures Balloon Tours your wife read, signed and understood the balloon ride contract, including the non-refundable clause. For a company to even give you a 2 year term to redeme your balloon ride is extremely generous.It is also curious that on this very mundane and boring website you show pictures of your “annual” Vegas trip, and yet you told Buffy that you would not be back in the next two years…that does seem a little contradictory.If possible, please post on your website, a copy of your Hot Air Balloon Commercial Pilot’s certificate which would lend some credence to your supposed knowledge of current weather conditions.As a FAA licensed balloon pilot you would then be able to find the appropriate sites to confirm wether or not it is, in your words, “balloonable” flying weather. You would know that you can not just check the McCarran air terminal, or, god forbide, the weather channel for current conditions througout the valley. This is the desert my friend, not Conneticut. Wind flows throughout and into this valley from many different sources. We have desk top weather sources that are precise to exact street address’s and specific zip code sites. Adventure Balloon Tours runs their business as their sole source of income, the last thing they want to do is cancel a flight. But in the safety of their passengers, they will cancel if they deem the weather not condusive to safe flying. And as FAA licensed pilots, it is our call; not that of some one who has no clue as to what is going on. Our moto for flying is “when in doubt, don’t” which was derived specifically for your safety and ours.

    As a “weatherman”, I would expect you to have more common sense; but,then again, most tv weathermen are not meterologists. Buffy may have what you term a small business, but you seem to be pretty small minded.Since this has become such a problem for you; and your web site is so well read, just sell the ride certificate and be done with it. In my 20 years of Hot Air Balloon flying, no one has ever complained of a canceled flight due to weather conditions.You should be grateful that Adventure Balloon Tours was looking out for your well being.


    Blogger’s note: In the interest of fairness I will leave this comment as posted – including the spelling and punctuation. As I stated, many times on the Las Vegas Talk site, this is about the terms of the contract, not safety or Adventure’s ability to cancel any flight. In his post, Jim forgets this flight was a Father’s Day gift to share with my 78 year old father. That is not the same as my using these certificates to fly twice.


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