I’m Jealous Of Dogs

As I approached Sydney to take today’s picture, she was licking her paws. I would guess this is the dog equivalent of biting one’s nails. This is the only vaguely bad behavior I’ve seen from Sydney.

Has she been with us long enough for me to call her Syd?

When she heard me nearby she lifted her head and looked at me. That was the moment captured in this photo. It looks like she’s saying, “Enough with the pictures already.”

I did notice something I had noticed earlier with Ivy. Notice in the photo, only part of Sydney’s body is on the mattress. It’s not like she fell off – this is how she positioned herself.

For a human, wouldn’t this be incredibly uncomfortable? Dogs couldn’t give a damn. I wonder why? It can’t be as comfy as having your whole body on the mattress.

Sydney does another thing I noticed with Ivy. Because of the way her body is designed and articulated, she can lay flat, with her ‘chin’ flat on the surface.

It looks comfortable for her, but I couldn’t attempt it without going to Home Depot and installing hinges on my neck.

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