Sydney’s Last Full Day

Helaine (and by proxy Steffie) treat all animals like children. And, if the animal should be doing something wrong, that animal will be told – no matter where or when.

I was reminded of this at 4:20 AM today.

Sydney began to lick her paws – a doggy sign of discomfort or irritation. Licking will only make the problem worse.

Helaine sat up in bad and began to talk to the dog. I was asleep when this began.

From then on, until I fell asleep again, Helaine was at the ready, giving Sydney the evil eye. Sydney quickly realized, as long as Helaine was awake, there would be no licking. All conversation stopped.

Today is Sydney’s last full day with us. Amy comes by tomorrow afternoon (hopefully for her, pre-snow) to pick the pup up.

Even with last night’s rude awakening, having Sydney with us has been our pleasure – really. It is true dogs give love and companionship unconditionally. Any time Sydney is in the room, it’s a warmer room.

Sydney is a good thing. We will miss her. I wonder if she gets on IM?

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