I Need A New Vice

I play poker online. This is no secret. I’ve written about it dozens of times.

I enjoy playing poker, as I have for over 30 years. I’m reasonably proficient, meaning the $250 Helaine and I deposited three years ago is still intact (profit… not so much).

Now a law has been passed making it illegal to do financial transactions with my online casino.

I’m 56. I have never bet more than I could afford to lose – never. After three years, I’m even, so we can assume the ‘house’ is honest. Exactly who am I hurting?

So this vice has been removed from my life (or soon will be). Thanks.

Yes, I’m ticked.

5 thoughts on “I Need A New Vice”

  1. Geoff–sad to hear about the poker law. Is ths a state of CT law or is it a national thing? I don’t understand why this is a big deal. We can go down to the corner and buy a paycheck’s worth of Lotto tickets…If people are going to gamble irresponsibly, they will find a way to do it….a new “vice?” You could always run for office…Evi

  2. As far as I understand it, only electrionic transactions are illegal. You could still send a money order, and certainly still play on the money you already have in there.

    That doesn’t mean I like this law, or the way it got passed through the system – attached to a terrorism-scare homeland security bill (which, is a practice that I think should be done away with)


    I’m glad they are protecting us though, because ya know, it’s not possible to just drive 45 minutes and drop all of our money at a casino


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