Thanks For Remembering Me

I am not perfect. Surely there’s someone I blew off or treated poorly. Over time that stuff happens to everyone.

Email tonight from a viewer via Facebook. Justin Wells was about to test my memory going back 25 years or so.

Hey Geoff do you remember meeting my brother (he passed away in Nov last year)?

One night, back in the mid-80’s I’m guessing, he was driving in New Haven, saw you in a car and asked for your autograph. He said, “Hey Geoff any SNOW tonight?”

As a joke you wrote on a piece of paper (which I still have), “John no snow tonight.”

lol it was funny ta me. My brother was a real big guy. Just though u might remember…anyway good luck with Fox.

I am sad to hear about Justin’s brother. I was glad to hear the story. I am always fearful I’ll hear from someone to whom I wasn’t as nice.

I wrote back.

Justin – vaguely. It sounds like the kind of smart ass thing I’d do. I am sorry to hear about your loss. That’s a real shame.

Justin responded.

Thanks Geoff. You’re a good dude. Glad things worked out for ya. Have a happy 4th.

This is the major thing I learned between jobs There are a lot of people whose lives have crossed mine and who still have a memory. It’s a little overwhelming at first.

Obviously I’ve lead a very public life. When I am at any event I always try to visit every table. I don’t shy away. I enjoy the attention. I absolutely don’t mind you saying hello.

I am not perfect. Surely there’s someone I blew off or treated poorly. Over time that stuff happens to everyone.

Emails like Justin’s tell me what I’m doing is the right thing.

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  1. That is sweet….we often take for granted how our kindness effects people….You obviously are in a position different than most, but still a good lesson for all of us!

  2. It happens. Even celebrities are humans.
    Recently, the world’s best living tenor Juan Diego Florez delivered his first baby ten minutes before rushing to The Met for the scheduled live HD performance of Le Comte Ory. He could not miss this one! It was to be recorded for the dvd version too.

    Juan Diego has a reputation of being the most polite operatic celebrity. Always stops to pose for photo and autographs, and avoids brushing people off like others are so quick to do.

    Even this person was sad to sneak out of the opera house to avoid fans in order to be back to his wife and newborn baby!

    People understand that their celebrities have obligations and are tired sometimes. Celebrities understand that without the support of their fans, their careers do not thrive. It is a give and take, and fans can be very forgiving.

  3. Geoff, that is why we are so glad you are back on tv. My daughter
    went to Channel 8 for her brownie troup like 6 years ago and we
    still have the tape of you with them at the weather desk, she
    still remembers going and meeting you. I was at home watching and
    I taped it.

  4. I too have a brush with Geoff story to share…….Several years ago, I passed him on the street in New Haven, I put out my hand and said nice to meet you. He gave me the finger and kept going !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!! you know that is all a joke……He would never, but I thought I’d rattle you for just a bit Geoff, seeing everyone was being so nice 🙂

    Truth is, several years ago, my step daughter and I photographed a dandelion in our backyard, no big deal right? IT WAS DECEMBER !!!! and I had just mowed the lawn on Thanksgiving weekend!!!!! Obviously not this past winter. So we emailed it to Geoff at the station, he not only replied to her a couple times via email, but used the picture on the 5, 6 and 11 news that night and gave her full credit……….she and I have never forgotten that ! ahhhhhhh, maybe some day we’ll have dandelions in december again !!!

  5. That’s sweet. I don’t have a story as I haven’t met you in person which I hope that I do someday. It’s great to hear that you enjoy the attention and that you don’t mind people saying hello to you which is awesome. Yeah. That stuff happens.

  6. Geoff, I have a story about you from many years ago. After many months of effort on your part you had lost a lot of weight which was quite evident on television I called the station to compliment you on your dieting results. You were so gracious to me and thanked me for recognizing your efforts. We spoke for several minutes and you never sounded annoyed by the call to you. I always liked you prior to that call but I gained a lot more respect for you after that call because of your kindness to me. It’s nice to know you have not changed over the years. Thank you again for your courtesy towards me.

  7. Geoff,
    Many years ago our daughters played on the same basketball team in the Hamden YMCA league. You and I kept the score at a few of the games and you were always very friendly and we always had a good time at the games. My wife and I and some friends ran into you in Newport later that fall and we all had a nice chat. So in my experience you always took the time to be friendly and engaging to people and those efforts have paid you well deserved dividends over the years. All the best to you.

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