More Furniture Follies

The box was battered and a little ripped. A quick shake brought the sound of broken glass! She refused delivery.

When we last left our online ordered family room furniture it was a no show. Thursday’s experience was more about excuses (none believed) than tables. They were listed as out for delivery, but never delivered!

Yesterday was different. Well, a little different. The trucking company still couldn’t make their 1:00 – 5:00 PM delivery window. The truck didn’t arrive until 5:45 PM.

There was a coffee table plus two end tables in the shipment.

As soon as the coffee table’s box was off the truck Helaine knew something was wrong. The box was battered and a little ripped. A quick shake brought the sound of broken glass! She refused delivery.

The other two boxes seemed fine. They were left on the floor of the garage until I was ready to assemble them.

Late this morning Helaine put a large towel on the family room floor and I opened the first box.

No instructions!

It didn’t look that hard and I’ve put a lot of furniture together so I gave it a try. There were a few steps I had to undo then redo, but mostly I understood and went about my business.

It wasn’t until we opened the second box that I realized the instructions were on the opposite side of the warranty! Oops.

The room still has a missing piece, but it’s really coming together… and none of the furniture wobbles!

Someone on Facebook asked if all this furniture and house work meant we were leaving? No. It means we’re staying.

5 thoughts on “More Furniture Follies”

  1. Hello Geoff, We had such wonderful results with our new sofa & loveseat that we purchased from Spector Furniture in Ansonia. The sales staff does not operate on a commission. They were wonderful to work with. We placed the order on March 19 and it was delivered before the promised delivery date. They even removed our old set at no additional charge.

    A friend of ours just had a bed, dresser and night stand delivered (different store) and they delivered a queen size headboard with a single footboard. Sometimes it just ain’t easy, is it! Good luck putting everything together.

  2. Geoff,

    What is the he name of the furniture company and who delivered it ? Cannot believe. I had my TV completely broken by UPS ground.

  3. Thanks, Patricia. I am one of the owners at Spector Furniture and we like to differentiate ourselves from the competition with our hands on service. That’s we’ve been in business for over 121 years! Just let us know if we can ever be of any help.

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