Little Dog / Big Snow

Doppler’s low to the ground and only weighs about ten pounds. She is small. Winter is not her season!

Snow quickly melts and sinks deeply into her scruffy white coat. Her paws soak up moisture like a ShamWow!

As soon as snow accumulates more than an inch or two Helaine goes out and digs an arena in the front yard. I suspect nature would find a way for Doppler to do her business without it, but this seems more civilized.

Back in the house Doppler lays down and waits to be towel dried. Civilized goes both ways.

Good doggie.

13 thoughts on “Little Dog / Big Snow”

  1. When we lived in New London, we had a Tibetan Terrier who wasn’t thrilled with snow. We, too, shoveled an “arena” in the front yard for her to do her business She was quick and ran right in to be toweled off, too. Some dogs and snow just don’t mix, Geoff. We always laughed at how quick she was when it snowed and how she took her time in nice weather!

  2. Our Lhasa kept looking at me as if to say “ok…now what mom?” Got out the shovel and dug a path for her to do her “business” It ain’t easy being small in a big world, or 9 inches of snow!

  3. My Pom/Yorkie (all of 8 lbs) jumped into the 11 inches of snow last night like it was pillow fluff! Her first experience with the white stuff and she thought it was to play in like it was made for her. She burrowed into the snow, then was jumping up trying to catch the snowflakes as they fell. Never saw anything like it, was too funny, I practically had to drag her in, of course she loved the towel dry!

  4. My little old gal has a doggie door out to the back deck. We shovel a path around the deck floor and down the steps with a path for her to get under the steps if she wants. We used to shovel a path around the deck on the grass also, but we’re all too old for that now. She usually just runs to the end of the deck and does her business and then runs back in, as if her feet barely touch the ground and makes a beeline for her pillow on the sofa. Usually not enough snow to even worry about toweling her off. She’s pretty goo at avoiding it!

  5. I used to have an 11-pound terrier mix who had a runner in the back yard. When it would snow he would leap around to deal with sinking in the snow. It was funny, though, when we would throw a snowball for him — it would drop into the snow, and the dog would jump to the hole it created and try to “fetch” it for us!

  6. Too funny! My husband shoveled/blowed an arena for Wally outside the back door on the blacktop.
    Then we “snowshoe’d” around the back yard making paths for him. The things we do for our babies!

  7. Geoff:

    We have a maltipoo (8lbs and white)and I could totally relate. He hates doing his business in the snow. My husband shovels an area down to the grass so that he could go! Doppler is adorable!

  8. Geoff, Doppler is so cute! Back in the day we had a Saint Bernard, no shoveling an arena for her and when she finally would come in the towel drying off routine was for me after all her “shaking off”. 🙂 So comforting to see you back on line.
    Happy New Year to you.

  9. I also have a small dog(shorkie). she doesn’t require the area but I have noticed she finally goes out to do her business quickly. lol she keeps getting these snowballs under her arm pits. Maybe the arena isn’t such a bad idea.

  10. Both my dogs, the larger Golden and the much smaller Shihzhu/peke mix love the snow! Indy – the Golden – loves to roll in it and make Golden Angels. The little one, Arlo, loves to hop in it but yes, he does need us to dig out an area for him when the snow is high. Both were rescued off the street before they were picked up by animal control or worse, hit by cars. They had issues but this morning…in the would never have guessed that. We are blessed to have them!

  11. Don’t know if it’s still available in the pet supply world … but there used to be a small nylon-canvas structure called (wait for it) a POOP TENT. A small tent that the pet owner would set up in a convenient place in the fall before it snowed for the dogs to relieve themselves in on the non-snowy grass. Of course, the owner has to be on top of the pooper scooper duty or it could get pretty icky.

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