Bless You

Let’s start with an important medical advisory. Keep away from my house!

I have a cold. Helaine has a COLD. I can’t remember her ever having one like this. She can’t either. She has the cold all others will be judged by!

Bless you.

How many times have I said that today?

Is there a daily max? Is there a statute of limitations? Can one be overblessed?

If it’s a double sneeze do you get blessed twice?

Am I even vaguely qualify to toss out blessings?

The feds say Americans get around a billion colds a year. They also say there is no cure. No joke.

Adults aren’t supposed to run a fever with a cold. Helaine is the exception. I didn’t need a thermometer to figure that out. I have standard daddy powers which include temperature sensing.

Four years ago the Times published a story on the common cold and revealed,

“We are now quite certain that we see the Achilles’ heel, and that a very effective treatment for the common cold is at hand,” said Stephen B. Liggett, an asthma expert at the University of Maryland.”

Tick, tick, tick. I’m waiting.

The real problem for Helaine is she can’t stop being the caretaker. It is a force more powerful than the cold and much less common. I can tell her to take it easy, but it falls on stuffed ears.

I hope she starts getting better tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Bless You”

  1. I agree with Meg; every time I have been on a plane, I get a cold a few days later. However, every viral infection known to humankind is going around right now, so there could be any number of culprits. Hope both of you feel better soon.

  2. I have been sick with this Cold from Hell since the Inauguration..just starting to feel better..headache (real bad), coughing (needed codeine), wheezing, sore throat, fever, aches, the works ! Lot’s of fluids, rest..blah, blah..still have residuals from it !

  3. If she has a fever it is not a cold. It’s some kind of infection, e.g, URI, sinus, bronchial. May need to see a doctor if she’s not feeling better in a week.

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