AT&T Calls Back

GALAXY S II Lifestyle Image_0AT&T’s John Flynn said he’d call back and he did. Score one for him and them.

This is about my Galaxy S2 which dies on its own a few times a day. It gets rebooted with much less power in the battery than when it went down.

He’d spoken to the product manager for the S2. The fix is in the final stages of testing. Would I give him ten more days? He expected he wouldn’t need that many.

He said this problem is limited in its impact. I don’t think they know (or want to admit) how widespread it is.

My suspicion is AT&T wouldn’t have handled this problem as they did had they known corporately what had happened. The chain of command isn’t set up to handle self inflicted wounds like this.

They’ve sent replacement phones to some people and spent lots of time fielding calls and complaints. The response has been uncoordinated. At AT&T’s size you coordinate to save money. It would have been cheaper to get it fixed quickly.

I’d just as soon not switch to a new phone. A fix is my ultimate goal. I said, “Yes.”

I know I’ve beaten this topic silly, but there’s at least one more post coming. Good news, hopefully.

3 thoughts on “AT&T Calls Back”

  1. Well kudos to him for getting back to you. That’s a big step right there.
    I haven’t been a huge fan of AT&T for years. Customer service sucks and when you call to fix a problem you have to spend 20 minutes arguing with someone who wants you to buy MORE products that you neither need nor want. The final straw was when I lost my job had to drop my phone service altogether and they send their collection goons to harass me about it. They made fun of me, my job, everything and ended up taking two thirds of my income tax refund to settle the bill. I will NEVER have anything to do with AT&T again.
    Hopefully you’ll have better luck with them than I did.

  2. Geoff, are you still seeing this issue? For some reason my son’s S2 had avoided it until just this week. Was wondering if his has been affected by the “fix” instead….

    thanks for any info

    1. They did roll out the fix and it has worked. I still have intermittent problems, but not every day and usually a spontaneous reboot not a spontaneous shutdown.

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