Two Thirds Of The Fox Family Felt The Quake

FireShot-Screen-Capture-#002---'Google-Maps'---www_google_com_maps_@34_134916,-118_48597,3a,75y,27_3h,90t_data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1smimYdJKZc1uXvgSr660hcg!2e0There was an earthquake this morning. It came at 6:25:36 AM PDT. Helaine felt it. Stef felt it. Geoff slept!

It’s the first time in my life I can look at an epicenter and say, “I know where that is.” The plots put it just off Sepulveda, on the Valley side of Mullholland, overlooking Sherman Oaks and Encino in a beautiful area of expensive homes.

Helaine was awake. She knew what it was immediately and noted the time.

“The bed shook and the before it stopped shaking stuff started shaking on your nightstand.”

That’s at a distance of 53 miles.

Up in Hollywood and 45 miles closer to the epicenter, Stef was answering Roxie’s call for food. As they sat on the bed her ci15476961_ciim_geobuilding started to sway like one of those air powered attention getters that sit outside stores&#185.

Buildings are supposed to sway. It’s sway or snap! All modern buildings here are designed that way. That’s why a 4.4 quake did virtually no damage.

In the ’94 Northridge quake there were reports of liquefaction, where the ground temporarily acts like a liquid. None today. No major landslides either. That’s a big worry in areas that have had recent fires.

Earthquakes are a way of life in California. We live over a subduction zone. There is a constant buildup of pressure as the Earth’s crust bends, then breaks. The mythical “big one” will unleash hundreds, maybe thousands, of times the energy this little shake produced.

There are limits to our preparation.

&#185 – The closest I can find to their actual name is “wacky inflatable flailing arm advertising men.”

4 thoughts on “Two Thirds Of The Fox Family Felt The Quake”

  1. I lived in the San Jose area from 1985-1992. We experienced several earthquakes including the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. That was scary. We lived in an apartment in Sunnyvale. We just finished eatting. Our building started shaking and my husband grabbed me and pulled me into our bedroom doorway. Pictures were falling off the walls. Stuff fell off shelves. I thought the building was going to collapse. I will never forget it.

  2. Thanks for the graphics and pinpointing the area. Pretty close to Stef. I thought about you when I heard the news out here. I have a friend in the Westchester area whose son has panic attacks each time one hits—and he was born out there.
    I don’t think that I ever realized just how far Sepulvada Blvd extends–I knew where Mulholland Dr was located. That’s where most of the old-time actors used to live—
    Don’t know if you watch the Tonight show now that it is back in NYC, but Jimmy Fallon had some brief remarks about David Brenner and what a great comedian he was etc.

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