Here Comes Bertha



It takes a while for the Atlantic hurricane season to get going. The real action is still far ahead.

Meanwhile, out in the Tropical Atlantic a cluster of thunderstorms is being eyed by the National Hurricane Center. It is Atlantic Invest 93. It will become Bertha.

This “Invest” stuff is a recent addition to the hurricane info deluge. It’s a heads up more than anything.

The storm is probably headed to the northern islands of the Caribbean–possibly the Virgin Islands, then northwest into the open ocean. There’s a lot of wiggle room between now and the weekend.

Intensity forecasts say tropical storm, possibly low end hurricane. Intensity forecasts are notoriously awful.

Up the East Coast? There’s that potential, though the most common track would is well offshore.

It will be watched closely.

Graphics from the math geeks at UW Madison.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes Bertha”

  1. Hi, Geoff! Thanks for the explanation of this. Nobody ever explains hurricane etiology until it’s a direct threat. It’s really cool to see the projections! Thanks, as always!

  2. I would not be shocked if this one turns into something, the ocean temps are getting really warm. I saw that sea temps were nearing 90F in the Florida Keys and up to 74 F right to the south shore of Long Island, NY.

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