It Works End-To-End

This is a first. No one else is doing this. It looks like it will work exactly as planned. I’m really excited.

IMAG2208-w1200-h1200Let me cut to the chase. High definition video streamed from my garage/studio to KMIR tonight. The camera was on a step ladder pointing at a box. Hallelujah.

Except for the tripod, my studio is in place. This afternoon I started connecting cables.

There’s no wiring diagram. I have a flowchart. Don’t use it. It’s committed to memory.

I ordered all the right stuff. My converters convert. Audio’s good. I’ve got enough cables in the right lengths. I bought a few redundant pieces. That’s OK.

IMAG2207-w1200-h1200It’s still an unholy mess. Nothing’s neat yet.

It’s still not ready to go. The manual for the control room system is 500+ pages long! It’s not a totally intuitive system. It will have to be speed mastered.

I went through the less voluminous manual for the Dejero VSET and configured it. Around 5mbps via the Internet to send video and audio. The station receives it in .8 seconds! That means conversations can still happen live.

Still to come, lighting, learning to program the Tricaster, syncing audio and video, getting the maps to come here and integrating them. A lot.

This is a first. No one else is doing this. It looks like it will work exactly as planned. I’m really excited.

2 thoughts on “It Works End-To-End”

  1. Congratulations! I hope all goes well with your new studio. Missed you in CT – now I’m in NC and happy to see your posts.

  2. Once you have this set up and don’t have that commute you should think about seeing if you can take over updating the weather page on KMIR’s site. I’ve checked it now and then since you started this process and it has gone from having pictures of 3 weather guys which no longer are there and minimal other data to almost nothing.

    Worse, the long range weather Graphic up just now (it’s 8pm ET Sun) is from Friday morning.

    There seems to be a big gap in their online weather presence compared to what we are used to.

    Maybe one of those people who are apparently gone did the updates before, but there is a certain techy weather guy in their midst now who could definitely improve it whether he does the updates or sets it up for others to take over …..

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