The Cold Saga: Day Three

A lot of coughing and sneezing today. My throat’s not too bad. My nose hasn’t been stuffed, yet.

Small miracles. I’m thankful.

This weekend’s Festival of Naps seems to have paid off. Having time to nap is a luxury. I understand.

So far today I’ve done eight segments on four newscasts (plus recorded safeties) for KMIR and six segments for News Channel Nebraska. There were a lot of retakes there. I’m still tweaking the system to run more smoothly for Nebraska. All this talking is terrible for my throat.

Talking two and a half minutes straight is tougher on your throat than you think. So, it’s tea, lozenges, Kleenex “Puffs Plus Lotion,” and a lot of hacking.

I apologized on-the-air to our director at KMIR tonight. My mic is in her ear constantly. There’s little we can do.

I’m hoping this is a short cold, but one never knows until it’s over.

One thought on “The Cold Saga: Day Three”

  1. Geoff-
    I have heard of viruses (virii?) being transmitted across the internet, but Rhino? It was weird, after I read your post on Sunday, I felt great, the next morning, I became infected with the same malady. In the future, please run your posts through a virus detection and elimination software! (heh-heh).
    73, Mike Tucker, W1MCT

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