Fake News

I got a tipoff on some sneaky poison perfume today. It purported to be from DC’s police chief. Let me quote a small piece.

The government is afraid that this might be another terrorist act . They will not announce it in the news because they do not want to create panic or give the terrorists new ideas.
Send this Fwd: to all your friends and family members.
Diane J. Ford
Office of the Chief of Police

This sounds reasonable, right? We’re not going to announce it on the news, but please forward this to all your friends and family members.

It took around ten seconds of searching to confirm: HOAX.

I wrote to the person who sent it to me.

You have made a huge mistake and now as grown-up you have to undo it. You have posted a truly INCORRECT story which originated years ago. It is still untrue today.

She replied,

I just got it sent to me and I thought I be safe and send it to others .

Instead she did just the opposite. Maybe this isn’t yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater, but it’s on the same track. She showed no intention of undoing her damage.

I’m not that guy and I’m done reading your nasty comments .like the news people never made a mistake .

And with that she cut me off. A Facebook de-friend!

News people do make mistakes which are usually noted and corrected. However, news people don’t go on the air just because a rumor has appeared in their inbox.

I’m guessing she won’t be reading this.

6 thoughts on “Fake News”

  1. That is why I ALWAYS do my research if a story doesn’t “smell” right to me. I have also had friends get upset at me even when I go to a reputable web site to debunk their story!

  2. Just remember, Geoff, friends come and go—enemies accumulate.

    Its the natural order of things (and why I’m not of Facebook…)

  3. Been there! I’ve been friends with someone since we were 13 years old. We’re 45 now. With this past election, there was so much misinformation floating around on Facebook it was ridiculous. When I pointed out to her that she posted a “news” story that was not true, she told me she didn’t care as long as it got other people to vote the way she wanted. I really was quite disappointed in that response.

  4. What worries me most is that seemingly intelligent people FALL for these stories. Or don’t bother checking into them. Three million illegal votes? Poison perfume? I just try to keep my calm, find the relevant info to show it’s not real, and move on. Then, I use my Dammit Doll and smash it against a wall a few times. (Saves my head…)

  5. Sounds like she wasn’t a friend to begin with Geoff….you are entirely
    correct about not spreading scary untrue messages. The world is scary enough
    without that!

  6. My wifes cousin sends this to me all the time. I keep sending back that it’s nnot true after i’ve checked it out. But, he just keeps sending it anyway. Some people just don’t have time to do the research on items and refrain from sending it. like one of the other commets here they say they just send it anyway just in case it’s true. But, what about if it isn’t they send it anyway. I glad the news media doesn’t work that way.

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