SoCal Weather: Mainly Gentle, But Interesting

I’m sitting out in the California room. This is a protected spot, but I can see the effect of the wind whipping around me. The watering can is on its side. The thin mattress on the hammock is pointing down, not up. The overhead fan, turned off, is spinning slowly.

IMAG0936The sky is as blue as can be. I’m not sure it could be Photoshopped any bluer!

We’re at 94&#176. The dew point is 8&#176. It is very dry. I should be perspiring. Moisture evaporates before drops can form.

That’s part of the desert’s power. You can succumb to dehydration without suspecting you’re in trouble.

My lips are dry. Where’s the ChapStick?

IMG_0441Our earlier neighborhood wildfire is out. The Fire Authority reported 77 firefighters for the three acre blaze. I saw two copters. The air was pungent.

Thank you Orange County Fire Authority for keeping us safe. We appreciate your dangerous mission on our behalf.

This area was built with the understanding that things burn. All the homes have fire suppression sprinklers. The roofs are mainly clay.

I leave my laptop out here on the sofa. It’s full of dust. Maybe I should reconsider? Maybe it’s too late?

The weather here in SoCal is usually gentle, but it has interesting twists and turns. Another one is coming tomorrow.

2 Responses to “SoCal Weather: Mainly Gentle, But Interesting”

  1. Carole says:

    I’ve seen it where the humidity level was down to zero. If you touched almost anything, you would get a shock. I walked around the house wearing pot holders gloves. If you go to turn on or off a light switch, the sparks would light up a room. This is when you run a humidifier.

  2. Carole says:

    One of the late night talk shows last night, it was mentioned that Rancho Cucamonga was on fire. I had a friend that moved from the area about 6 months ago. She lived in the foothills. I hope her old home didn’t go up in flames.

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