On the Street Where You Live

Over a month ago a fairly round hole opened up on the street between my neighbor and my driveway. The town was called and they brought out a small construction horse and non-working blinking light.

Since that time, nothing.

Well, nothing on the part of the town. I did a little exploration, staring down the hole. From my learned standpoint, the hole goes all the way though the Earth to the Indian Ocean (when I was a kid we used to say if you dug deeply enough you’d end up in China… but what did we know?).

A few weeks ago, and a few feet from the first hole, a second hole opened up. I called the town’s highway department, where a person with the excitement level of either hole, said they’d look into it (hadn’t I already taken the burden off them by looking into it myself?).

Today, the holes sit. One covered by the high tech horse, the other out in the clear.

Won’t the joke be on the town when one day a UPS truck breaks on through and starts delivering packages somewhere in the Indian Ocean? Maybe they’re just waiting for the hole to heal itself?

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