Seinfeld And The TV Model

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Jerry Seinfeld has an Internet show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Season three began today.

It’s a very funny show and very formulaic.

Start with Seinfeld. Add a quirky car. Fetch another comedian. Get coffee. Return.

This show is a radical assault on the conventional model for program production.

No network. No TV station. No cable company. They’ve all been eliminated from the food chain.

All Seinfeld’s show has is a website (and great word-of-mouth). Over time, as the net becomes our primary means of consuming media, will stations/networks/cable be needed at all?

CiCGC is sponsored programming. Acura wraps a commercial on either side of this 20’ish minute production.

The cost of production (not the quality) is well below network levels, but so are expectations.

I want to see more of this boutique programming. Media driven by creatives is good.

2 thoughts on “Seinfeld And The TV Model”

  1. I agree. The rules have changed. Do I daresay a “revolution”? I think so. Look at the quality and caliber of “Orange Is The New Black” from Netflix. And “Lilyhammer”. Our household is enjoying both of these, using Chromecast’s dongle to stream. Actually, forget rules, it’s a whole new game. If I were a producer I’d be very concerned right now. As an aside, I’m in the middle of the Johnny Carson bio right now, and the author provides great insight into the ratings wars of the 70’s and 80’s. Fascinating read. But…they could not have had a clue of what was coming down the line. I agree, I think this is a healthy development.

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