Like Paul Blart, Mall Cop


At 11:15 PM PST/2:15 AM EST

Observe and report. Like Paul Blart, Mall Cop, I’m observing and reporting.

First stop, radar. It’s active. Snow, identifiable by radar only recently, is the only precipitation being seen at the moment. It’s moving west-to-east.

Meteorologists call the radar’s targets, hydrometeors. Cool name.

We can detect rain, snow, hail, sleet, whatever. If a radar beam can bounce off it, it’s tracked.

Most times the radar is amazing. Not always. I’ve seen storms develop in an unusually bright patch of ground clutter. Surprise! Where did that come from? A once every few year event.

All my observing tonight is on the College of DuPage weather website. They carry nearly every product with well chosen color tables. Highly recommended.

The surface map shows the low pulling east, leaving New England. There’s more moisture following and colder temperatures. The snow isn’t quite finished.

Before ending this morning that additional snow will cover the slushy wet mess already on-the-ground. Up to a half foot more will fall in scattered sections of the Litchfield Hills all the way to the UCONN campus. Most areas a few inches less. Even less on the shoreline and near 395.

But still, look what it’s covering!

Oh–and windy and much colder.

The amount of forecast and observational data available is immense. New tools arrive all the time. For nerds like me, this is heaven. Forecasting in pajamas!

6 thoughts on “Like Paul Blart, Mall Cop”

  1. I’m on Long Island Sound and after it stopped snowing the back half really never did much, at least here on the coast. We had maybe 1/2 in the Saybrook area. This morning temps are around 35 F, and if we get the sun the melting should begin.

    Temps are supposed to warm to 45 to 50 F in the Tri-State area (NYC is forecasted to see 52 F on Fri) so hopefully this will make quick work of any snowcover.

    When I come back from Florida in early March I hope ALL the snow is gone!!!

  2. Geoff,
    5 people being paid doing weather on 8 still can never replace YOU or even come close!!!!
    You and your weather credibility and knowledge and insight are unto you only!!!!
    Just wanted you to know-do not trust in anyone else’s reporting like always have yours, and know their are many more who STILL are feeling the same way, no matter what
    Mother Nature sends us!!!!

  3. Geoff,

    The College of DuPage Wx website is very cool, with lots of useful information and terrific graphics. In my line of work, I use WSI as my “go to” resource for all things weather related, but the DuPage website is a very nice compliment to what I already have available. Thanks for the link!!


    PS: when I read your forecasts in text form here on your blog, particularly with respect about CT weather, I still visualize you delivering your TV weather forecast from your perch in front of the “green screen” at either Channel 8 or 61. Nice legacy!!

  4. Just want to add my thank you for the DuPage website. Awesome resource. To a weather fanatic like myself I can only call this “weather porn”! And…they have the water vapor imagery to boot! Crap, now I’m NEVER going to get anything done.

    Thanks much for the link Geoff, and yes, you are still sorely missed in New Haven and all of CT. Be well!

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