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I think I’ve become the low hanging fruit of weather quotes. I was included in an article published today in the Norwich Bulletin.

Use the link above if you want to read it, though I’m attaching it to the jump should that link go stale.

Article published Oct 20, 2005

Meteorologist: New England may feel Wilma’s power

Staff and Wire reports

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras– As Hurricane Wilma rapidly strengthened into one of the Americas’ most intense storms ever and lashed Caribbean coastlines Wednesday, meteorologists in the Northeast warned it could possibly track to coastal Connecticut by early next week.

John Cristantello, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Upton, N.Y., said it is “highly questionable, but possible” that Hurricane Wilma will make its way Monday to New England.

“We are currently expecting Wilma to be 300 miles southeast of Connecticut sometime on Monday, but that’s still uncertain,” Cristantello said.

Meteorologist Geoff Fox of WTNH News Channel 8 said a computer model showed Wilma off the coast of Cape Cod Tuesday. But, he added, the strongest side of the storm would be east of the hurricane center, even farther from Connecticut.

“(Hurricane Wilma) may obviously track up the coast, but it is radically too early to know if we are going to be hit,” he said.

At the same time, Fox noted Wilma is expected to increase speed rapidly once it gets into the Atlantic, a pattern eerily similar to the Hurricane of 1938, the last major hurricane to hit New England.

That storm slammed into the coastline at 60 miles an hour, pushing a 30-foot storm surge ashore.

“Anybody who knows about the Hurricane of ’38 has to be scared of something like this,” Fox said. “If we were ever to have another Hurricane of ’38 scenario, which is a fast-moving storm heading toward New England, I don’t know how people could be properly warned.”

Wilma, a monstrous Category 4 storm, forced thousands of people to evacuate low-lying areas in a 600-mile swath covering Cuba, Belize, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti and the Cayman Islands, officials said.

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  1. 3/27/2011… Geoff: The Norwich Bulletin itself has been stale…. for DECADES. As a native and resident of this city, the paper (now, simply “The Bulletin”) cannot even print what happens on Monday in Tuesday’s editions. Often, it will pick up say, the Day’s storiesw, cook them a bit, and run them as though written by a Bulletin staffer…. that is, if the even HAVE staffers anymore. I have not seen one in at least 33 years ( I was a senior at St. Bernard H.S. then).

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